Take your results to a whole new level!

Sales BootCamp

Take your results to a whole new level!

Over two full days at Sales BootCamp Performance Coach and Real Estate Results CEO, Michael Sheargold will guide you through strategies. You’ll learn how to:

  • Master your productivity so you are working smarter and increasing your time in front of potential clients
  • Set your key performance indicators so you are working to a plan
  • Easily move through objections with your clients using simple, motivational and value based language
  • Easily frame questions to gain the best result for you
  • Successfully create, nurture and maintain your business base (your database)
  • Create rapid and positive rapport with potential buyers and sellers
  • Become an area-specialist and what that means for your generating strategy
  • Massively improve your phone success so you are increasing your conversion rate and listing more property
  • Master your negotiation strategies so you can win more business easily
  • Manage your sellers and buyers successfully
  • Position you and your agency in the best possible way to potential buyers and sellers
  • Structure your campaign strategy meetings
  • Successfully follow up potential sellers and buyers
  • Host amazing open homes that you can build strong leads and relationships from

You’ll walk away from Sales BootCamp with a new level of motivation to implement the right strategies for you – strategies that have the power to dramatically shift your results and change your life forever.

An Auction Campaign Checklist
A list of Key Buyer Questions
A Buyer Profile
A Seller Profile
A List to Sell Checklist

….as well as your personal Sales BootCamp manual and bonus handouts at the event.

You will also plan your next 12 months at the event so you walk away with an action plan to follow once you go back to your agency.

Imagine enjoying more stability and growth in your month on month results and at the end of the year feel incredibly satisfied and proud of what you’ve been able to achieve. Sales BootCamp will help make this happen.